Not Exactly Normal

((A multiverse, multiship Roleplay blog.)) no matter how hard we try, no one is ever truly normal. ((No pictures are mine unless stated. I track notexactlynormalrp.)) {avatar: Kenzi Malikov. Header: Haven}

The first picture is of me, a panromantic, asexual.
The second picture is of my beautiful, amazing, pansexual girlfriend.

And as you can see, we are not imaginary.

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    I didn’t understand a lot of this, because I feel like one of the people here is insulted about Pann’s name being used...
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    awww kitty you take all the fun.. : (
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    Guys. Trolling? Hard much? Seriously op move on.
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    not-exactly—normal: this is so stupid. They go and comment on your photo that has nothing to do with them and doesn’t...
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